Glasgow's Newest High End Electronic Music Complex

A space for the NexGen of artists to express their creativity to the fullest

About us

NexGen is Glasgow’s newest electronic music complex

We provide a clean, safe and professional environment for artists to….

Our space is suitable for all levels whether you are touring DJs like our ambassadors Jezza & Jod from PRTY, all the way down to beginners practising in their bedroom. Our complex is kitted out with brand new 2024 industry standard equipment and professionally


DJ Studios

Recording / Production Studios

NexGen sets out to empower musicians and artists with the tools, environment, and expertise necessary to realize their music asprirations. Whether you’re a professional touring artist or just starting your musical journey, we are committed to nurturing your creativity and helping you achieve your goals. 

Why use NexGen Studios?

Our Facilities

Step into our state-of-the art DJ rehearsal and music production studios, meticulously designed and acoustically treated to ensure pristine sound quality 

Our complex is equipped with the latest industry standard equipment ……

We understand that every artist is unique with their own preferences which is why our studios differ with styles of equipment tailored to your specific needs.

We provide extra equipment to enhance DJ creativity which sets apart from the rest 

Industry professionals on site to help with any issues in the studios and give any help or advice within your session 

Flexible cancellations – refunds available up until x hours.

How does it work?

Book Slot
Book a slot online via our website
Receive Code
You will receive a code along with all other info via email which will allow you to gain access to our building and your designated studio.
Time to practise on the latest industry standard equipment!

OUR Studios

DJ Studios

DJ Studios Spec 1

(3 Studios)

Dj Studios Spec 2

(1 Studios)

Recording Production
Studio Spec

(3 Studios)

Recording / Production Studios

(2 Studios)


How to find us


Address Line 1
Address Line 2



DJ School

Partnering with PRTY we offer in house DJ & music production lessons at our studios

Our Instructors will be artists who have a professional career in the industry. Learn from the best in the game…